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30-Min Individual Lesson (Adult)

Get on the course for a 30-min lesson with Lead Instructor Paul. We'll identify parts..

30-Min Individual Lesson (Junior)

Our junior golfers refocus and train their technique with half hour private sessions. This lesson..

4-Hole Group Lesson (Adult)

Designed for players with previous instruction and ready to challenge their skills on the course...

4-Hole Playing Lesson (Junior)

Tailored for our junior golfers with some instruction who looking to sharpen their skills on..

4-Series Group Package (Adult)

In this lesson series, we will customize a practice plan based on the highest priorities..

4-Series Group Package (Junior)

Group Lessons give you the option to make your own group or ask to be..

4-Series Package (Adult)

Our private lessons are designed to each individual golfer around areas for improvement. After a..

4-Series Package (Junior)

In each 60-min lesson, we build upon our practice plan at the putting green and..

60-Min Group Lesson (Junior)

Our protégé golfers learn the fundamentals of the game, golf etiquette & rules. Instruction incorporates..

60-Min Group Lesson (Adult)

In a fun and inclusive group setting, golfers sharpen their technique and practice at the..

60-Min Individual Lesson (Adult)

Our private lessons are tailored to you desired swing, and overall technique with both quick..

60-Min Individual Lesson (Junior)

Private lessons are the quickest route to recalibrate areas for improvements and master pro golf..

9-Hole Group Playing Lesson (Adult)

Ideal for golfers with some previous instruction, this two hour lesson explores course management, club..

9-Hole Group Playing Lesson (Junior)

This two hour lesson is ideal for juniors, ages 6-17, with some previous instruction who..

Adult Clinic

Over the course of six weeks, we will take a holistic approach to elevating our..

Junior Clinic

Open to ages 6-17 years old, our clinics are customized on skill level. The clinic..