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Hair Treatment and Styles

BBeauty (art beauty and hair) Stylists are partner to u, in order to, approach you and serve your high desire...


If you’re done putting up with the sharp scent in salons, then you need to use to BBeauty straightaway, the...

Body and Skin Care

Skin care, treatment and Hair removal (Sugar or Wax) will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth by our crew. العناية...

Pedicure and Manicure - Nails

Each Nail Service is unique: BBeauty keens on clean and shape the nails to ultimate perfection within our services. Manicure...

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Nails Cut ,Shaped, Color and Gel Polish

 Each Nail Service is...


If you’re done putting up with the...

Blow Dry /Brushing and Wavy


If you’re done putting up with the sharp scent in salons, waiting time and tight schedule, then you need to use the BBeauty app. With our luxurious beauty treatments, pre-booking service, wonderful team and map location, we will provide you with a gorgeous beauty deal.

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    اذا كنتم تبحثون عن عمل اضافي في خدمات التجميل وتملك الخبرة،  يمكنكم من الاتحاق بفريق العمل وتعبئة بيانتكم ومن ثم سنعاود الاتصال بك في أقرب وقت

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