General FAQs

What is body massage therapy, and how can it help me?

Our bodies have to endure an awful lot every single day. And with the demands that modern life simply impose on our lives, we exert more pressure on our muscles than we perhaps might think. From poor posture at work to repetitive strain injury through sport and exercise, it’s important we both recognise the signs that appear when our bodies experience burnout and that we act by seeking treatment. The good news is that body massage therapy can help as part of that treatment. By relaxing the body’s soft tissues, increasing the circulation of blood to the affected area and warming up regions where massage is required – body massage therapy can help the body recover and recharge.

Why seek massage therapy treatment?

Whatever the type or form, massage therapy can bring relief from everyday aches and pains, help you deal with, and reduce, stress, address feelings of anxiety or tension, and develop general wellness within the body and soul. Massage therapy can also be deployed as an effective accompaniment to other forms of therapy to aid in the recovery of muscular injuries developed through sports, exercise, or other means.

What do Massage Renewal sessions look like?

In each and every session, the first goal of our specialists at Massage Renewal is to get to know you and understand your prognosis for a more targeted massage therapy treatment. When you welcome our massage therapists into your home, we will discuss your symptoms, available treatment options and what we would like to achieve by the end of the session. It’s only by communicating and working closely with our clients that we are able to understand their body’s requirements and select the right treatment to alleviate any pain or other symptoms. Depending on your chosen massage package, we will provide a comprehensive massage therapy service which is tailored and targeted to your immediate needs. We operate also in hotels and offices.