Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue massages involve firmer pressure with slower strokes against the skin to reach..

Sport Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage involving the massaging of soft body tissue to..

Somatic Relaxing

Our somatic massage treatment views the body in a more holistic way, treating the body..


Having roots in ancient civilisations across Europe, Asia and China, aromatherapy massage is an incredibly..


Reflexology is use of direct pressure to regions of the feet (or hands) to aid..

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is an all-encompassing term for any hands-on massage technique during or after pregnancy.You..

Drainage Lymphatic

The body’s removal of waste is an essential component to keeping us healthy and active.A..

Anti Cellulite

Our anti-cellulite massage treatment is a massage designed to target cellulite and aid with the..

Remedial Massage

From treating soft muscle tissue to offering more general therapeutic benefits, massage therapists at Massage..